• Characteristics •
Name Tenma
Age Physically 18, true age 3,000
Gender Female Female
Race Demon
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Golden
• Personal Status •
Family Lillia (sister)
Status Alive (reincarnated)
• Professional Status •
Weapons Scythe
• Appearance •
Media Story of The Lost


Tenma has short red hair with golden eyes. She has horns on both sides of her head and on her left horn is a flower. Also she carries around a giant scythe as a weapon.


When she was a human she was kind but very frightened easily and afraid of death. As a demon she was still very kind compare to other demons that people were scared of. Although current personality is very Yandere. She will appear sweet and cute but if her mind is mentally unstable she will snap and use violence in a very gruesome/crazy way.


Tenma was once a human but was killed by a demon and was then was reincarnated by a Tenshi as a demon. For many years she wandered the world alone, but then she was able to make great friends that acceptted her for the way she was. But of course years passed and they all died. The feeling of seeing people she cared dying hurt her so much and along with the loneliness. She wanted to keep the one she loved, but because she was a demon she could live longer then a human. And so everyone she met was soon to disappear. This is why her mind then became mentally unstable. Tenma would befriend someone with her kindness and then kill everyone in that town. She would always say,"Have you ever felt loneliness?" as she leaves the burnes town. Many people feared her and so she was called "The Blood Demon" One day she passed by a person in a black coat and decided that she would be interesting to be "friends" with. She followed her day after day but could not get her to speak or show her face. She decided it would be a waste of time chasing after her and decided to kill her instead. As she was about to strike her....