Setsuna Origami
• Characteristics •
Name Setsuna Origami
Age 17
Gender Female Female
Race 30px-krieger symbol Krieger / Kitsune
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Pink
• Personal Status •
Status Alive
• Professional Status •
Weapons Katana
• Appearance •


Setsuna wears a short pink kimono with sakura petals. The sleeves are also large and almost cover ups her hands. She also carries two katana's around her waist. Her hair is blonde with fox ears. She usually wears her hair in a side ponytail with a sakura shaped hair ornament.



Setsuna was born into a royal family and her future was to be married by another member and have children so that the family continues on for the next generation. Her family consisted of kitsunes, and warriors. Both her parents did not care what Setsuna thought, they only cared about living a wealthy safe life. She was often kept inside and taught lady like things. Though she longed to be free in the outside world. After her studies were done she would sneak out and watch the others training with their swords. Soon she grew a longing to learn too, but when she ask her mother she was immediately shot down. After many months it was soon that she had to be married and so she decided to run away. Taking only her two precious katana she ran into the night to fulfill her own life and was never heard from her family again.